Multi-Factor Authentication

Security without sacrificing user experience.

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Passwords aren’t great for security. They’re complex, and they can be forgotten, reused, and compromised.

With FusionAuth you don’t have to sacrifice the user experience to have secure authentication.

Using Multi-factor authentication can block 99.9% of automated attacks.

Provide your users with a uniform experience across all your applications by customizing SMS notifications and emails with your brand voice.

Give your users the option to choose the MFA that works best for them.

Select from an array of options that fits your applications needs as well as your users.

What Real FusionAuth Developers Have to Say

I have been absolutely blown away with their offerings and even moreso with their support. Sure you can go pay 3-4x more with the other guys for the same product, but why?  Seriously check FusionAuth out and then thank me later.

James Janovich
Director of Development