Self Host Your Own Authentication

With FusionAuth you can self host from your cloud, on-premise, offline or under your desk.

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Feature rich. Cost effective. When it comes to adding authentication to your upcoming project, go with an Auth platform built from a developer's point of view.

FusionAuth helps you solve your Auth problem then scale up.

Control data, flexibility, and privacy by self hosting.

Save money on hosting while using our robust authentication tools.

Make compliance simple by choosing which set of standards your password strengths should be compliant with.

Try it out for free, get engineering assistance to see how it solves your authentication and authorization problems.

What Real FusionAuth Developers Have to Say

I have been absolutely blown away with their offerings and even moreso with their support. Sure you can go pay 3-4x more with the other guys for the same product, but why?  Seriously check FusionAuth out and then thank me later.

James Janovich
Director of Development